GTA INDIA Download Apk 2023 Latest v7.0 (For Android)

GTA INDIA Download Apk 2023 Latest v7.0 is the best free world action game with unlimited All.Download For Android NOW!
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As we all know, GTA games are very popular and people still play them today. In GTA India Apk, you get to experience India in GTA. GTA India download Apk is an additional mod for GTA San Andreas and then you use it on your phone like a gaming app. It changes the overall game to look like India.

Usually, GTA games are set in America and the cities made up are inspired by real cities for example Vice City is like Miami and Los Santos is like Los Angeles. But in GTA India Apk download you can see everything that’s in India. Explore the Indian landmarks and famous places in GTA India Mod.

In GTA San Andreas you play the game from a third-person view in a big open world. You could choose to follow the story, look for clues, meet new people, or just have fun by stealing cars and money. In GTA India game download, everything is different and new.

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Similar GTA versions:


GTA India Apk download is a modification pack for the game GTA San Andreas which is a really popular version. This GTA India Apk download includes famous Indian landmarks, Indian characters, and Indian vehicles in the game which is quite thrilling for all Indian players. If you want to enjoy all these changes and new features you can easily download GTA India for your Android device.

It is a well-known action game available on many platforms and loved by gamers because of its large open world and a variety of thrilling missions and tasks. If you think about the places and locations in the game, you will notice the famous Indian monuments and popular places in India. Other than this version, download the GTA Mzansi apk. It is a new GTA mod similar to GTA 5 but with advanced features and beautiful locations.

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Here are the features of GTA IndiaGTA India Apk download so read them till last:

Big Game World

The game includes an entire state called San Andreas, which comprises 3 big cities and many small villages.

More Things To Do

There are many more tasks in the GTA India Apk game that you have to complete. You can visit various places and even have a romantic relationship.

Role-playing Elements

New and advanced role-playing elements have been added to GTA India download Apk. You can switch between different characters, improve your skills like driving or shooting, and more.

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Improved Controls

There are two analog controls for better camera and character movement in the game. GTA India game download has added improved controls in the game.

Customizable Controls

You will have three control options in this version to choose from and you can customize them to show buttons only when you need them.

Vehicle Upgrades

In GTA India Mod, you can upgrade all your cars in the game.

Variety Of Vehicles

GTA India Apk download offers GTA lovers a wide range of vehicles including cars, trucks, helicopters, boats, bikes, and more! So feel free to choose your favorite vehicle from the store.

Character Customization

With GTA India download Apk, you can customize almost every part of your characters such as outfits and overall appearance. This version provides a better character customization experience.

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If you want to download GTA India, then follow these steps:

  1. First, click on the download button in this article.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to get the download link.
  3. Click on the link to download the GTA India OBB for Android.
  4. Install the downloaded GTA India Apk file.
  5. Extract the OBB file and open the ‘com.rockstargames.stasa’ folder.
  6. Now move the ‘com.rockstargames.GTAsa’ folder to Android>data.
  7. Enjoy playing GTA India Apk on your Android smartphone.

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  • GTA San Andreas apk (another amazing launch by Rockstar Games with a huge collection of vehicles and weapons; and you can also kill citizens on the streets)

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The graphics featured in GTA India APK OBB are unique and based on famous Indian landmarks and places. you can see this in the shops and buildings where the graphics are better than the regular GTA San Andreas. The developers have added more attention to detail in small things in this version.


It is highly recommended to use a controller for an improved gaming experience in GTA India Mod. Rockstar has put a lot of effort in recent years into Mobile gaming. it has provided various graphics settings, control options, and updated graphics to make the game feel great on mobile devices as well.


GTA India game download offers three different types of on-screen controls and full controller support. this helps players with the flexibility to adjust the settings to their liking. these mobile-specific controls make the game enjoyable and enhance the overall gaming experience.

GTA India Mod 5


To install GTA India Apk, follow these easy steps:

  1. Find the download button and click on it to download GTA India on your PC.
  2. Install the Winrar software on your PC.
  3. When the download is complete, go to the downloads folder click on ‘GTA India.rar’, and select “extract” here—a new folder named GTA India Apk will be created.
  4. Open the ‘GTA India folder and double-click on “GTA India.exe”. It will install the game on your PC.
  5. Done, start playing and enjoying GTA India download Apk on your PC.


Q- Does this game require a Pentium dual-core processor to run on my PC?

A- Yes, this game runs with a Pentium dual-core processor on a computer.

Q- Is GTA India Apk an original Rockstar Games launch?

A- GTA India Apk is the modified version of the GTA SA game launched by Rockstar Games.

Q- Can I download two versions of the GTA game?

A- No, you can download only one modified version of the GTA game on your device.

Q- What are other mods of GTA games?

A- GTA India Apk, GTA Punjab, and GTA Amritsar are other mods of GTA games.


In GTA India download Apk, you can drive various Indian cars, visit famous Indian landmarks, and experience driving from the inside. This game offers enhanced controls with three on-screen control options and provides users with a customizable experience.

If you want to download GTA India on your Android smartphone, then get GTA India and OBB files from this website and enjoy its latest version with advanced features and breathtaking locations. If you have any questions, comment down below.


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