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Snake game is one of the most played and loved game by almost every generation because the game has been there ever since the phones were first introduced. Keeping in view the popularity of snake game and player’s love and addiction towards it, google has now introduced a new version of this game with a lot of new improvements and upgradation.

The new version of snake game is quite fun and interesting to play. It is no longer the same boring black white snake that goes here and there on the screen. And as far as the mod version of snake game is concerned, the mod version gives the players access to all the amazing features that otherwise, are not accessible to the players.

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So if you feel like playing this new version of snake game and that too in the mod version, click on the link given on this web and get on with the competition!


Google snake mod menu is the modified version of the original snake game introduced by google. This modified version has a lot of unique and interesting characteristics that people absolutely love! The mod version is basically a cheat tool which will get you to score the highest by taking a shirt cut.

Just like we previously talked about the free fire mod menu, google snake mod menu is exactly the same. While playing in the mod version of this game, you get unlimited benefits from countless gems or coins to endless lives and what not. To know more about snake game mod menu, keep reading this article!



As we all know the nokia snake game which was the first snake game ever introduced has always been in black and white color. But that is definitely not the case with google snake mod. Google snake mod allows you to change the color of the animated snake that keeps on going here and there throughout the game and also allows you to change the background color.


Another great feature of google snake mod is that you can make the walls disappear and change the size of the board to the way you want. The most common way of losing in the snake game is when your snake is big enough and it hits the walls of the board.

So now you can remove the walls and play for as long as you want. To play more games like this, check out carrom pool mod apk.


The graphics and the picture quality during the game remains the best as compared to the old snake game which people once played in their nokia phones. Once you download the game, you will really see how amazing and vivid the graphics of google snake mod are!


The google snake mod is completely free to download and play. You can easily download this game through the GitHub link mentioned on this page. King of Avalon mod apk and many other games on our website are absolutely free and easy to download.


To make the game more interesting and fun to play, the google snake mod menu has a lot of different modes which you can select and play in. Following are some of the exciting modes mentioned below:

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When you select twin mode while playing google snake, your snake will get two heads which makes the game even fun and difficult to play at the same time. These two heads would give you an advantage of engulfing more and more food as compared to the single headed snake.

But there’s a disadvantage too. The two headed snake increases the chances of you losing the game by hitting any one of the head on the walls of the board.


This mode is helpful when you are in mood for a little mystery and unpredictability. Cheese mode helps in creating unpredictable situations during the game which keeps you on your foot for as long as you play the game.

One example of cheese mode is that when you select playing in this mode, the snake becomes active in some of the areas on the board.


As the name suggests, selecting dark mode makes everything appear dark. Some people are fond of dark modes in everything and google snake mod has also incorporated this feature into the game for people like this.


  1. Click on the GitHub link mentioned on our page.
  2. Allow security concerns from your device’s settings.
  3. Go to downloads folder and a file of the name ‘google snake mod menu’ would appear.
  4. Click on the file’s name and game would start to download.

Wait for the download to finish and you are good to go!


Q: Where can I download google snake mod menu?

A: The link for downloading google snake mod is mentioned on this page. Click on the link and follow the above mentioned steps to easily download this game.

Q: Is it safe to download this app?

A: Yes, this gaming application is completely safe to download and play. It doesn’t contain any harmful viruses or bugs that may harm your devices.

Q: How to play google snake mod menu?

A: If you are playing google snake mod menu for the first time, follow the simple instructions being given to you at the start of the game and you will get them in no time.

Q: What is the best cheat code in google snake hack?

A: The best cheat code while playing the hack version of google snake mod is the disappearance of the walls of the board which makes your snake immortal.

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Google snake mod menu is one of the oldest and most played game in all of the gaming period. People always loved to play this game on their nokia phones and as the world has advanced with time, google too, has now introduced a new modified version of the same snake game.

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To play the snake game that you once played in your childhood, once again with new twists and graphics, click on the link mentioned on this web page! To play more games like this, check out soccer stars’ mod apk.


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