How To Get YouTube Premium For Android Free-2023

YouTube is the largest video-watching platform. Its premium services give different valuable features like ad-free videos, background screening of videos and music, and many others. YouTube is one of the largest video content platforms that can be approached for free. YouTube is a free video-sharing website that makes it convenient to stream videos online.

YouTube Premium is a paid membership that provides people with an improved, undisturbed experience across YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Gaming.

YouTube Premium Mod Apk is a subscription service that puts forward an ad-free watching experience to all of YouTube, adding all videos, YouTube Music, and YouTube Gaming. All these premium features include value and save time for people. YouTube Premium charges very little money compared to other streaming platforms. Other than that, there are many ways to get YouTube premium services free of charge. 

A YouTube Premium membership eliminates ads from all videos and permits people to play videos in the background and to exclusive YouTube content. YouTube Premium is given in certain countries. If they want to sign up for YouTube Premium, they can do so through the YouTube application on their mobile device or through the YouTube website. Once they have signed up for YouTube Premium, they will be capable of enjoying all of the benefits of the service. People can stream videos without ads, play videos in the background, and approach exclusive YouTube content. YouTube Premium is the best way to get the most out of YouTube.

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Benefits of YouTube Premium Features For Android:

YouTube is already free to its people. Additionally, a few benefits and features make this subscription all the more worth it.

If people can put up with reading along, they will understand why it’s best to include YouTube Premium in their list of monthly plans. So, here are the various additions that have been added when they decide this is the subscription plan for people. 

  • Stream ad-free videos. They have approached millions of various content spread out across the famous platform. Therefore, they will never get disturbed in between their videos since everything will be given to people, ad-free.
  • Install all videos and stream them offline. Originally, there was a list of content that could not be downloaded for offline streaming in the base version of YouTube. Therefore, obtaining a premium will instantly provide people with an approach to save every video given through their mobile devices.
  • Play videos in the background. If people aren’t capable, they can quickly stream all their views in the background while multitasking. This is a stunning feature when they don’t have enough to stream all the available stations. They are required to do a little research on the content they are streaming.
  • There will be a new and enhanced interface for the Music section. They can conveniently browse, choose, and listen to all their wanted songs and jams given through the application.
  • They can enjoy listening from one song to the next without interruptions from ads. YouTube Music Premium Apk gives people 100% ad-free.
  • They can also listen to their music offline. This is great for long rides or trips, and even when they are busy in their daily routine, they need access to WiFi and no other way to enjoy music.
  • Also, music can be played in the background. This is a dream come true when it comes to YouTube Music. People all across the globe still wonder to this day why background listening isn’t a free feature. Because the premium version provides that to people, the great things in life come at a price.


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Is There a Way to Get YouTube Premium For Android For Free:

Yes, a One-Month free trial for new subscribers and using Flipkart Super Coins are the best way to get the YouTube free premium. If they are a new user, Google provides a one-month free trial of YouTube Premium. That way, they can enjoy ad-free content, offline videos, and background play for a month without paying any amount. It’s a great way to watch if YouTube Premium is perfect for them. 

To Get Youtube Premium For Android Free:

Method 1:

A free trial version of the application, the validity period is one month. But in a few cases, the streaming platform may provide three months of free service during promotions.

  • People should install the YouTube application on their smartphone or tablet to get started. They can install it from the Google Play Store if they don’t have it. Now they can launch the YouTube application, they will watch the main screen.
  • Sign in with their Google account. At this point, people are just required to go to their profile photo, and they will be required to click on it.
  • Go to YouTube and open the application. Go to “Switch to YouTube Premium”.
  • On the next screen, press the button under the heading “Try it for free”. On top of that, there’s also the icon to try the YouTube Premium Family Subscription for free, for that, all they have to do is press on the item. People can also save with a family or student plan.
  • Enter their payment details. To do this, they will require people to fill in all the information the service will ask them to give, agreeing to process personal data.
  • Suppose they still need to link a payment method for buying online services with their Google account. In that case, they can select from options like a credit or debit card or My Paysafecard for a PayPal account to shop safely online.
  • To choose a payment method, they have to press on the name of the method they want to create a purchase. If they fortuitously select a credit or debit card, they should fill in the appropriate fields with the card number, expiration date, and CVC code.
  • If they choose the PayPal payment method, they will be prompted to enter their PayPal account email address and phone number and press the “Buy” icon below. Instead, if people prefer My Paysafecard, be aware that people will be modified to the official website to login and verify their account.
  • Suppose they have already entered their billing and payment details in the past to buy Google services. In that case, they can skip the instructions we just explained to people, they will not be prompted to fill out any forms, and they can directly sign up for a trial period for YouTube Premium. 
  • After a month or three months, they can mark the premium subscription. People won’t lose any amount. Then they can re-create an account and again obtain a period of free service use within the trial version. But for this, they will require a new email address.


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Method 2:

Using Flipkart Super Coins, they can conveniently obtain 3 months of youtube premium free memberships. Let’s understand how people can use Flipkart coins here too. If they shop on Flipkart, then Flipkart super coins would not be a new term for people. Super Coins are earned and collected by buying goods from Flipkart. 

They should have noticed that while buying items, super coins are accumulated, and those coins can be used to redeem YouTube Premium for free. All they are required to do is spend 75 Flipkart Plus Super Coins, and that’s all, people will obtain a free Youtube subscription for 1 month.

Here are the steps to use the Flipkart super coins to obtain free Youtube premium subscriptions:

  • Free Youtube Premium using Flipkart coins. 
  • Open the Flipkart application. 
  • Go to the “Account” section. 
  • Click on the “Coin Logo” icon at the top right corner. 
  • Choose “Use Coins”.
  • Scroll down and search “Latest Video Entertainment Rewards”.
  • Click on it. 
  • Scroll, and people will watch the Youtube Premium logo given for 75 Flipkart coins. 
  • Click on “Claim now using 75”.
  • 75 will be used from their account, and they will finally get a link. 
  • After completing the complete process, Flipkart will provide people with a link. 
  • Please copy the link and paste it into their Chrome browser. 
  • They will land on the Youtube Premium Page. 
  • Click on “3 months free”.
  • After this, another page will open, scroll down slowly on this page and click on “3 months free” again.
  • That’s all they will watch a popup with the notification “Welcome to Youtube Premium”.

How Do I Get YouTube Premium on Android:

  • To sign up for YouTube Music Premium.
  • On their phone or tablet, open the YouTube Music application.
  • Sign in to the Google Account where they did want to start their membership.
  • Choose their profile picture.
  • If qualified, start their trial. Otherwise, click Get Music Premium.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. How to Remove a YouTube Premium Subscription?

A: Go to the YouTube application and press on the profile icon. A drop-down menu will appear. Choose “Paid memberships,” in which their premium subscriptions can be removed. 

Q2: Are YouTube premium benefits available across all devices?

A: All YouTube premium benefits, such as ad-free videos, background play, and many others, are available on the YouTube mobile application and support all devices, also support TV-connected devices. 

Q3: Is there a free trial available for YouTube Premium?

A: Yes, YouTube provides a month free trial to the people, but one has to get off the premium plan after the completion of one month.

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