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Download Tekken 8 apk sequel of Tekken 7, a very outstanding fighting and action based game which was famous for its fighting gameplay.
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Are you a gamer? Do you want to know about each and every game? Do you keep a keen interest in the gaming sector? Well, then this article is for you! Here we will be discussing about the most famous game ever played. It is none other than Tekken 8 apk. A detailed information regarding this game will be discussed in the next section of this article.

Tekken 8 apk mod is a popular action game which is very famous among gamers. It is the updated version of Tekken 7. As it is the updated version hence it will have more advanced features than its older versions. This fighting game has gained so much fame due to its mind- blowing combat mechanics.

The download links of Tekken 8 apk are available as Tekken 8 apk download for PC, Tekken 8 ppsspp download mediafre and Tekken 8 apk + obb download etc. You can choose the respective link for your smart device whether it is your PC or your cell phone device. The latest version of Tekken 7 i.e. Tekken 8 apk shows compatibility with multiple platforms.

tekken 8 apk obb download


Tekken 8 apk full version offers two modes to its players. You might have experienced this thing that many fighting games just start off in one mode that is their original mode. They don’t offer any additional mode. But Tekken 8 is different from the rest, you can play your game in 2 modes according to your choice.

The first mode of Tekken 8 allows the player to enter the fighting battle and have a fight-off session with different players. Here no storyline is involved, you just enter the fighting stage and show your skills. If you successfully knock down the other player then you win otherwise you lose.

The second mode of Tekken 8 allows the player to follow the game through a storyline. It means you won’t just be knocking off your enemies but will also experience a meaningful journey. It is up to you to decide the mode of the game according to your preference. Also Checkout:


Tekken 8 obb download has not been officially released. It means that the game is still in the developing mode. Initially the game has to be developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment but unfortunately no releasing date has been announced yet. Now you must be thinking that if the game hasn’t been officially released then why are we talking about it?

Well, the version we are discussing here is the mod version of the game. Tekken 8 has been developed by various developers by combining different features of the available Tekken games. People have been so impatient that they didn’t wait for the official release of Tekken 8 instead they released their own mod versions of the game.


Tekken 8 free offers a lot of features to its users and some of them are listed below:


Tekken 8 uses high-quality graphics in the gameplay. The graphics are high-definition and 3 dimensional. It means you will experience an amazing gameplay due to the presence of these outstanding graphics.

tekken 8 ppsspp download mediafre


In the latest update of Tekken series, many new characters have been made available. It means that now you can make a choice between various characters and choose your favorite one among them. You can enter the fighting session with a different character every time you want to.


Tekken 8 involves a timeline in the form of narration. This timeline tells the story that has taken place between Tekken 7 and Tekken 8 version.


Tekken 8 has a collection of new combat moves. You can use them to knock down your enemy and become a champion of the game. Try these new exciting combat moves and make your gaming experience livelier.


Tekken 8 offers the offline mode too. It means you can play this game even if there is no internet present. You will be needing a stable internet connection only when you are downloading the game, otherwise you can play it without the internet.


You will not be facing any lag while playing Tekken 8. You can play this game without any disturbance and interference due to its anti-lag feature.

tekken 8 apk + obb download


The procedure to download Tekken 8 apk is pretty much simple. You just have to follow the below mentioned installation steps and you are good to go.

  • Step 1: Get the download link of Tekken 8 apk from our website apkmamba.com
  • Step 2: Before downloading the apk files, allow your device to accept download from “Unknown Sources”
  • Step 3: After this is done, start the installation process by opening the downloaded apk file
  • Step 4: You will be notified once the download is completed
  • Step 5: After a successful installation, open the app and start playing this amazing fighting game


Q – Has Tekken 8 been officially released?
A – No, Tekken 8 hasn’t been officially released yet. The game is in its developing stage and will soon be released.

Q – Is Tekken 8 apk the original version of Tekken 8?
A – No, Tekken 8 apk is just the mod version of the Tekken series. It isn’t labeled as the official version of the game.


You can always get your hands on your favorite game whether it is Tekken 8 or any other game. But if you like action oriented games then Tekken 8 is definitely for you. Download Tekken 8 now and explore new gaming features that this game has to offer.

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