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If Like playing Action /Arcade games Then Download the most popular game of all time Tekken 7 APK for free with modded features unlocked.
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Tekken 7 apk is a new version of a classic game that doesn’t only make players polish their fighting skills in the game but also enhance their quick thinking in real life. This is an action game and it has some of the best features that make you a fast player, and of course, a fast thinker! When players begin playing this game, they get hooked on.
There is a lot to know about this game and if you want to enjoy your free time doing something that is really entertaining, and begin a new journey of action, fighting, and entertainment packed in graphics that are shockingly high quality! Here is more about the game and we know that before you even finish knowing everything, there will be a game downloading in the background.

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tekken 7 apk full version


What’s the story?

The story of Tekken is known to all, but if you are still new to it, here is more about it. The story involves a fighter Heihachi Mishima, whose son Kazuya Mishima fights him only to end up down a cliff, and then the game begins. Kazuya is going to be fighting different enemies and as his skill keeps improving, he fights better and wins sooner than before! The rewards and coins you get from the rounds you win will make you capable of making changes, winning bigger rewards, and enhance your skills. Also Checkout:

Each combat has challenges of skills, but some of these rounds will also have to be about the challenging locations! For example, fighting on the roof of a temple, or on a hill top where a cliff is a threat! This game has all kinds of fighting modes and the graphics make it even better! The exciting thing is that there are so many ways to start a new round! You can use the money to get more weapons, and tools, and you can change the way everything looks too! Try it out and you will get engrossed in the game without keeping it as a game that you only turn to when you have free time-this will become your daily routine!

The gameplay of Tekken 7

Any game becomes special when it has a lot to offer players. You will love the way the controls are comfortable and you can concentrate on your moves and the controls will be easy to understand! Apart from the controls, the menu is also a vast version of the regular one that is in all the other versions. When children and adults see a new game they always wonder if it is suitable or not. This one is suitable for all because it has a serious story and the gameplay is easy, creative and will not demand a lot of concentration on different things like setting the screen resolution, or changing the language, or even the subtitles or pauses that come in to slow down the progress! This game is available in your language, wherever you are and the game will keep progressing as you want!

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Features Of The Game

There are so many features in the game that you will love to explore all of them in the game. Check out what you will be getting when you download tekken 7 apk.

  • Character Options:

The characters in the game will be an exciting way to play. You can choose the different characters which are unlocked in the beginning of the game. You will not have to wait for the big win on a new round to unlock a fierce opponent, this version of Tekken 7 gives you all in advance.

  • Customizations:

The characters, the game look and the colors can be changed to make it more interesting. Players can now choose the colors of their choice and redo the game look to enjoy it more. There will be customization options for weapons, the sceneries, and the arena or mountain top where you will be fighting!

  • Unlimited money:

This is the most interesting feature of the game because you will be enjoying the rewards with more pleasure because this game version gives you free money in the beginning to make it all more entertaining. When you have the ability to make bigger changes, and get more stamina, skill and strength.

  • Battles and moves:

Tekken 7 is the game for you if you enjoy new kinds of battles and creating different moves. There are hundreds of cheats and hacks that will get you to enjoy stellar moves against feisty opponents. The more you concentrate on the game, the more you will realize that there are no boundaries! You can use Rage Arts, Power Crushes and Rage Drives to spice up your battles!

  • Offline modes:

The game allows players to play offline when they do not have connectivity. Simultaneously, they can play online with other players and sharpen their skills and enjoy their new moves. The offline practice mode can be a great way to make their free time a learning phase.

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Download Here!

You can download the game easily by following the steps below:

  • Click on Download here,
  • Allow the game to use phone sound and memory,
  • Allow the game to access your private information,
  • Create shortcut on the home screen.


Tekken 7 apk is an excellent action game and it has gained a lot of popularity in the past. However, this new version is a great way to pass your free time until you become a pro and begin to play the game for the liberating, and exciting feeling that it brings. You will love this game like all other players do, and you can download this version for so many additional features.

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Some related questions:

Q- Will I need to pay for the extra features?
A- No, tekken 7 apk version is absolutely free for download and all the additional features that it offers. You can enjoy this game for free.

Q- Can kids play this game?
A- Tekken 7 is a battle game but it is not gore or too bloody for kids. However, it is best to supervise in case you do not want them to interact with other players online.


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