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SMS bomber is an app developed by SMS bomber INC. It’s basically a fun app, not in the sense of game or entertainment type of fun. But in the sense of pulling up pranks. We all know in today’s world pranks have gotten quiet famous. Every other person, every other minute is pulling some kind of prank on either random people or their closed ones.

Taking YouTube for instance, most people on that platform are just running their channels on the sole basis of doing pranks. Even though, it becomes annoying at times but we all have to admit that it’s fun and a little fun doesn’t destroy anything, right?sms bomber apk download latest version 1

The app, SMS bomber is of same category. This app provides you a platform to send multiple messages, by which we mean thousands, at once with the help of a single click and that too anonymously. Talking about the apk version and the mod version of SMS bomber, there’s a lot to say and tell. Read article below.


SMS bomber apk is an app where you’ll find everything free. You can send millions of messages to your friends and family, spam their message folder and just generally prank them by doing all of this. You can even send multiple messages to a group of people to just prank them. All of this can be done while staying anonymous because the app doesn’t disclose the identity of you or the user using this app.

Except few locked features or what we call them, premium features, you can use everything for free while using SSMS bomber apk. Bumble mod apk, too is the app of same kind through which you can communicate with other people and makes friends. Both the apps have a lot in common, you can check out this too.sms bomber download 2


SMS bomber mod apk is the modified version of this app where all the premium features are already unlocked. You can have access to all the features incorporated into the app for free. Otherwise, while using the apk version, to have access to the premium features, the app asks you to pay some amount.

And who even spends money on apps for having fun? Of course not everyone likes that. So this mod version is specifically designed for people like us, where we can have full benefit of the app and not spend a sing penny.


Many people while reading the article must be wondering what actually is SMS bombing? Here’s the answer. SMS bombing is simply referred to sending a lot of messages at once to any single or group of people. Commonly most smartphones allow only one message to be sent once or allows only a single call at one time but just like the app Call bomber mod apk, SMS bomber apk allows you to spam others with messages. The app’s sole purpose is to prank others by just spamming their folders.message bomber apk 3


Here is the list of few features that this amazing fun app has. These are not the only features but few of them. To know and have experience regarding other features, you can download the app with the help of download link given below.


This app is basically designed to pull out pranks on people and this is done in a very harmless way. So there’s no need to worry or feel guilty about pranking. You can prank through this app by sending unlimited messages to your friends and family at the same time to make them irritated or annoyed.

I don’t know how people really can be annoyed because of that but believe me, this has actually worked! People have gotten pranked a lot of times with the help of this app and how do we know this? Because of the amount of reports the app has received to shut it down.

It’s definitely a great harmless way of doing pranks on people and just teasing them when you have nothing else to do. To get on with this pranking game, download the app from link given below and have fun!


We all know that just like we love to prank others, people too, love this. And as a result of which we get pranked too! We all have heard from people or have experienced ourselves that our phone’s often filled with spam callers. Now in order to stop them, just save the number which often spam calls you and next time they call, download SMS bomber apk and start doing the same thing to them!unlimited sms bomber apk download 4


Worried about your identity being revealed while SMS bombing? Then stop worrying. Because SMS bombing mod apk doesn’t reveal your identity when you spam send messages to others. They keep your name and identity hidden and make you become anonymous in front of the other person

Its same like you can see others but others can’t see you which makes using this app even more fun and exciting! Overall the main purpose of the app is still to prank others. There are many other apps out there which have introduced more unique features like when using Magic call mod apk, you can change your voice and prank your friends and family by calling!

So saying that the virtual pranking is new to the world would be wrong because it’s not. Many more apps out there have similar features but a bit modified. All such apps are used for pranking purpose.


SMS bomber mod apk has been designed in a very unique way which can be understood by everyone using it, even for the first time. The app has an interactive user friendly interface which makes it easy to use it.

  1. NO ADS!

Everyone’s favorite feature! SMS bomber apk doesn’t allow any interferences from any third party and definitely doesn’t allow any ads to disturb in between.


Almost no phone allows the users to send in blank messages. Not just phones, but apps to. Take WhatsApp for instance, it too, doesn’t allow you to send blank messages unless you are using a cheat way of that by using WhatsApp GB. But through SMS bomber, you can even send blank messages to anyone you like and that too in bulk!


Follow the below mentioned steps to easily download SMS bomber mod apk

Step 1: Enable unknown resources from your phone’s settings.

Step 2: Allow all of the security concerns to let your phone download this app easily.

Step 3: Click on the download link given on this page.

Step 4: Go to your downloads folder where the file for this app would be present.

Step 5: Click on the SMS Bomber mod apk file

Step 6: The installation process would initiate.

Now, wait for it to finish and then open the app and start pulling pranks on people for fun!


Q: Is SMS bomber a good way to tackle the spammers?

A: We can’t say that it’s the best way but this definitely can be used to annoy the hell out of your spammers by sending thousands of messages each minute until they want to get rid of you by blocking.

Q: Where can I download the mod version of SMS Bomber?

A: To download the mod version of this app, you can click on the link given on this website. It would directly take you to the downloading page.

Q: Is the app safe to use?

A: Yes, the app is completely free of all the hackers and viruses. You can use it to prank others without worry about anything.


SMS Bomber mod apk is an amazing app where you can get started with pranking your friends and families in a very harmless way. Not only that, you can even use this app to tackle the spam callers and make them stop.

To download this app, read about it carefully in the above mentioned article and then click on the link given. Hopefully it would give you a fun time! Moreover, for any further queries comment down below. Your queries would be answered shortly. To know more about some social apps with extraordinary features you can check out Call bomber apk as well.


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