GTA 5 Mobile Fan Made Apk Free Download for Android – 2024

This mode of GTA 5 mobile fan made allows you to play in a multiplayer-mode so you can have a new gaming experience with better graphics.
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Looking for GTA to be played on mobile phones? Guess what, you’re at the right place! GTA 5 Mobile Fan Made has been a popular Rockstar Game and keeping in view the popularity of the game, they have released an app so that you can play the game on your mobile phones easily.

This app is based on the original GTA V mobile fan made game with modified and much better features like improved graphics and all new characters. This mode of GTA 5 fan made download also allows you to play in a multiplayer-mode so you can have a new gaming experience with much better graphics on your mobile phones. For a better gaming experience and to try new features of GTA, let’s have a look at its new features.

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1- Advanced Controllers :

This mode has easy-to-use buttons to bring the player to action and make moves as soon as possible making the user easy to accomplish missions.

2. Road Textures :

GTA 5 fan made brings you the 3D graphic for better gaming experience including the minimal details regarding the game like road textures, appearance of people, building etc.

3. Big Map

The best thing about this game is the big map it offers to explore! You can now wander around this enormous map and explore new things.

4. Multiplayer option

Now you can enjoy the multiplayer option for GTA on your phones and play with your friends all day.

5. Smooth gameplay work on low device

You do not need a new phone with hundreds of gbs to enjoy this game, fortunately it works on a low device too.

6. New vehicles and weapons

Something all of the GTA players have been craving for are the new modified vehicles and weapons which this game offers!

7. Modified vegetation

If you’ve been dying to see some graphic changes and the 3D colors, you’re right where you need to be, as this game offers better graphics with modified vegetation which bring a major difference for the players.

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If you accomplish all the given missions’ in the given time and keep on progressing through the game you would be rewarded with unlimited keys such as diamonds or money which you can use to unlock different weapons, cars, clothes, hairstyles and much more. Similarly, completing all the missions would get you to earn money with which you can buy houses, clubs and buildings to make your gaming experience more exciting and fun!

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This GTA 5 fan made download for android is ad free! Isn’t this the best thing to hear? Millions of ads often make the game boring and even makes the most exciting games, dull for us. But this app is ad free, that means there are no hurdles while playing this game.


Grand Theft Auto is a 2013 action and adventure game which has been made available on mobile phones by Rockstar Games. This game offers the third person perspective to the player. It involves the exploration of the exciting world either by foot or by vehicles. GTA V fan made apk download gives the players exciting, spine-thrilling adventures which may include either a crime scene or a driving mission.

It keeps the player’s attention on the grounds of the game with it’s amazing features and graphics. This mode of the game is easy to handle as the game is available on phones so the functions are only one touch away, which makes it more easy to play and handle the camera.

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This game brings so much more features than it offers on the laptop or computer.

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  1. The downloading of GTA V fan made apk for android is as easy as it is to play.
  2. Click on the download button appearing on the screen.
  3. It will take you to the download link option
  4. Click it again and a new page will appear
  5. Wait for it to stop loading, once it does, you’ll see a download option
  6. Now click the download button and the game would be on its way!


Q: Is the app free and safe?
A: Without a doubt! It’s completely free to download without exposing your phones to any kind of virus.

Q: How can I get unlimited money and diamonds?
A: Simply by achieving all the missions and levels in a given time period would get you to earn unlimited diamonds and money.

Q: Where does the game take place?
A: The game takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos including the beaches and countryside.

Q: What type of vehicles are in this game?
A: It offers BMXs, mountain bikes, dirt bikes and many more modified cars and trucks.


Last but not the least, GTA 5 fan made apk download for mobile is completely free to download. It offers all the players some of the best features to experience on mobile phones with its HD graphics. You can have the best gaming experience on your phones with this download but the only condition is that you should have a stable internet connection.
If you’ve any more queries regarding the download or the game, we’re here for you.


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