Farming Simulator 19 Free Download For Android (2023)

Farming simulator 19 for android is a farming game. It is based on the real world activities related to sowing, harvesting of crops.
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Farming Simulator 19 :

Farming simulator 19 is the farming game built by Giant Programme. Its genre is simulator which means that the game mimics the activities of real world. Now, for all the simulator game fans this game would be a literal heaven to play.

FS 19 apk includes the activities of real life related to farming. Keeping in view the interest of the farming game lovers, the publishers of this game has done wonders. Not only they included the basic farming activities but they went into every little detail while making this game.

You can enjoy different aspects of this game while playing as a farmer. Tractors, recent techniques related to farming, pesticides, crops, vast fields everything is in excellent quality that catches the interest of the player. Once you start playing this game, it’s hard to get over it. Giant Programme indeed has done an excellent job creating this game.

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Moded Features Of FS 19 Apk For Android :

Unlimited Money/ Rewards

Just like every other game, farming simulator 19 apk allows the player to earn maximum rewards in return of their hard work that they do to make their farms the best.

Once you get into the game and start growing different crops, use various techniques to eliminate all the harmful substances that may hinder the growth of crops and earn maximum profit from the yield, you’re winning at the game. As a result of this you would get rewards in the form of money or diamonds.

These rewards can help you boost the quality of crops, upgrade vehicles and much more.

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Gameplay For Farming Simulator 19 Mod Apk :

Farming simulator 19 for android is, as the name suggests, a farming game. It is based on the real world activities related to sowing, harvesting, taking care of crops etc. In short it involves the life as a farmer.

You can use different tractors whose names’ are based on real tractors. Use them for your different farming techniques and get yourself maximum profit. It depends entirely on you, that how you would save your crops from insects and other harmful materials by using either fertilizers or new techniques.

While playing this game, you must have a little knowledge about farming otherwise you would be in loss at the game.

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  • Check Your Land Before Buying

At the start of the game, when you’ve nothing, you’ll have to buy a suitable land for growing your crops. Make sure you thoroughly check the fertility of the land you’re buying and choose the best one for your crops. Otherwise, an infertile land would cost you a lot!

  • Leasing Vehicles

You can lease vehicles during the start as you would be having nothing. So leasing would be an excellent option for you at the start. But make sure you lease only that items which are rarely used, only then it would be beneficial. Do not lease frequently used items.

  • New Techniques

Use different techniques for sowing, harvesting crops to get more profit out of them. You can even make the qualities of your crops better by making use of recent technology in farming. Plus, insects, weed, crickets etc harm you crops to such an extent that they may destroy your whole fields. Make sure you get rid of them!

  • Sell And Recycle Different By Products

You can maximize your profits to larger level by making use of by-products. For example, any waste material that is present on the field. You can collect it and sell it to the garbage collector. The profit would be minimum but at least you would be able to gain something out of it. In the same way, the animals you’re using in farming may give you profit in various ways. Like cows, you can sell their milk in market and earn some extra money through it.

The game is all about using the right techniques and tricks to gather maximum profit and make your farm excel among other farms.

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Additional Information About Farming Simulation 19 For Android

App Name

Farming simulation 19

Developer Name

Giant Software

Size Of Game



Varies With Device

Last Update

1 day Ago

Category Of Game


Operation system









Some More Features Of Farming  Simulator 19 Apk :

1- Multiplayer Option

The game offers multiplayer option which means you can enjoy the game with your friends and decorate your farms together!

2- Takes Up A Lot Less Space

Farming Simulator 19 mod apk takes a lot less space on your phones, so you do not need to worry about emptying your space before download.

3- 3D Graphics

The second best thing the game offers is its 3D graphics. The realistic game modes and scenarios makes it a lot more fun. The game brings you the best picture quality, giving you the real feeling of farming.

4- Leaderboard For High Scores

You can even compare your scores with different players around the world and strive to come at number 1 position by checking the leaderboard scores.

5- New Techniques And Technology

The exciting new technologies of the real world have been included in the game so that the player may get the real farmer feeling.
The new techniques of cultivating the land, using tractors and different equipment to get maximum yield, eliminating weed and insects etc has a significance effect on the farm’s profit.

6- Modern Technology Tractors

Modern technology tractors play an important role in sowing different seeds and cultivating land. It has an important role in the farming field.

7- Excellent Picture Image

The image quality multiplies the interst of the player ten folds!

8- Huge Number Of Machines

Variety of huge number of machines from which you can choose to cultivate your land.

9- Ability To Increase Power Of Machines

You can even increase the power of certain vehicles by combining different vehicles into one. This would make the vehicle to work faster and thus, increase the yield of crops.

No Ads!

Farming Simulator 19 apk download is Ad free, which is indeed the best feature of this game. No more annoying ads while playing the game!

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How To Download FS 19 Apk For Android?

  1. Enable unknown resources from your phone’s settings. Once you’ve turned it on, you would be easily able to download it.
  2. Now install FS 19 apk and click on the download link we’ve provided.
  3. After clicking the download will begin.
  4. Now open file manager and look for the apk file in your folder.
  5. Double click the download apk file and app would start downloading on your device.
  6. Now, open the app and let it load.

We really hope you would enjoy Farming Simulator 19 mod apk. Enjoy!

People May Ask (FAQS)

Q: Is Farming Simulator Mod Free?
A: Yes, Farming Simulator is completely mod free. You can download anything without restrictions.

Q: What Is The Latest Version Of FS 19?
A: The latest version for FS 19 is 1.7.1

Q: Is This Version Of Farming Simulator 19 Virus Free?
A: Yes, you can easily download it by taking help from the above mentioned steps without having to worry about any virus.

Q: Can We Upgrade Vehicles To Maximum Level?
A: Absolutely yes! You can upgrade all the vehicles to maximum level by gaining rewards and earning profits.

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Final Thought:

All you require is to have the best strategy in order to make your farm the best with maximum profit. Play this game with all the right tips and tricks and you would excel.In case of any further queries, feel free to ask in the comments. We really hope you’d enjoy the game.



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