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Euro truck simulator 2 download for android is an open world simulator game, which has been published by SCS software for Microsoft windows. The game is a sequel of euro truck simulator 1 which was released in the past
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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mobile download for android is an open world simulator game, which has been published by SCS software for Microsoft windows. The game is a sequel of euro truck simulator 1 which was released in the past. The game is based on picking up any truck of your own choice and delivering cargos, shipments etc at various locations.

The map included in euro truck simulator is of Europe. You can wander around in your truck through the vast roads of massive Europe and deliver people’s cargos to multiple locations and make your name across the continent. You can even modify your trucks or make certain changes in them to make them work in the most efficient way.

As your game progresses, you can even buy more vehicles for expanding your delivery business and hire workers to deliver shipments and stuff to people living at different places throughout Europe. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mobile has over 9 million plus downloads from all over the world. The popularity it has gained is insane.

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Download Euro truck simulator 2 for android right now and experience real life cargo delivering.

euro truck simulator 2 mod apk 1


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mobile is a simulator game which requires business management skills. Players drive various models of truck across the map of Europe, delivering loads to designated locations in order to earn good amount of money and reputation points. The goods must be delivered to the clients in given amount of time and completely undamaged. Players will have to pay for the fuel, toll money for entrances at different cities, maintenance of the vehicle and for the goods if they are damaged in any case.

At first, in the starting of the game players would be hired by the hiring companies of cargo delivery and player would work as their employee. The hiring companies would provide you a truck and pay for your expenses, the player would just have to make deliveries at time and get money for that. But as soon as the player starts getting how the deliveries work and get an understanding of this business, they may take loans from banks and buy their own truck and start making delivering on their own to earn better.

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Money earned can be used to upgrade your vehicles, buy more vehicles, expanding garages or hiring drivers to expand your business across all the platforms in Europe. Player also gains experience points after each delivery which may help you to level up your game by unlocking more delivery options, delivering cargos over longer distances and delivering even fragile goods.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mobile download for android has included various types of trucks, each with their own specific function and specialty. This version of the game has included 2 new truck companies which are Scania and Renault. Similarly, many new trucks have been added to level up the gaming experience of players.

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The game features over 71 cities in 12 countries. Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Northern of France, Slovakia, Netherland, Poland and many more.
In short you can drive around whole Europe, make your name across different countries and expand your business to different continents.


Ets 2 has a variety of almost everything. It covers over 20 types of cargo and 15 fictional delivering companies across Europe. Moreover, it includes this vast map of about 71 cities of different countries where you need to deliver goods.

euro truck simulator 2 mod apk unlimited money


There is no forced career upon you. Each player is given the choice to choose their own character and excel in their desirable skill.


Ets 2 apk allows you to buy vehicles and run a successful business across Europe all by staying within the comfort of your home. You can manage drivers, trucks, goods, finances etc everything by just supervising.


Every truck in Euro truck simulation 2 can be customized according to the shapes, colors, sizes or however the owner may want. There are no restrictions to trucks being customized. Players can in short actually make their own truck.


Modification of every nature can be made. Everything you wish for or imagine can be added to the game as a mod for the game. Isn’t this feature exciting? I’m sure it is! Download Euro truck simulator now and start playing the game for fun.


Move around and explore different cities and places like London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Bern, Southampton, Luxemburg, Dovert, Sturgart and many more!

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Improve your skills by trying different techniques in expanding your business. Take risks and learn from mistakes. Make your delivering company one of the most trusted one across Europe.


Expand your delivering business by opening garages across different locations and places to earn more and live better. Hire more delivery guys, buy more vehicles, invest more in the business then spending. Once you’ve expanded enough, live your best life.


Maintain good functioning of your vehicles so the deliveries can reach to their destinations at given time. Make your you do not receive any complaint from your clients and get best reviews from them. All of this can happen if your vehicles are in the best condition possible, only then you would be able to get more points and earn some name across Europe.

euro truck simulator 2 mod apk 2022


  • Enable unknown resources from your phone’s settings
  • Click on the link provided below
  • The game would start downloading
  • Allow security concerns from your phone’s settings
  • Once the game has been downloaded, open it and let it load
  • Now, follow simple instructions of the game and you would be ready to play! Enjoy.


  1. Follow traffic rules
  2. Be careful with your rating stars
  3. Try to deliver goods in an undamaged condition
  4. Take time to learn the menu
  5. Use your own truck, rather than the company’s truck
  6. Pick a cheap, high performance truck
  7. Set your controls to acceleration and braking
  8. Don’t rush while driving
  9. Exit and save the game in order to save your progress


Q: Is there a multiplayer option for ets 2 apk?
A: No, you can’t play in multiplayer mode in ets 2.

Q: Can we expand our business to another continent?
A: Yes, you can expand it to various continent, but it would require a lot of hard work and sweat. So best of luck if you wish to do that!

Q: Does the apk version of this game have any virus?
A: No, if you download the euro truck simulator from our website, it is guaranteed that the game would not harm your devices.


Euro truck simulators 2 download for android is an excellent game for developing your business management skills. Moreover, if you have been looking for a game where you can just wander or have fun for time pass, I have to say this that ets 2 apk would be an excellent choice for you. Download the game and have fun. Thank you.


Download and play the game and let us know your feedback in the comment section below.




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