Love Indulging in Cue Sports? Check these Games Out!

Cue sports refers to an extensive collection of skill-based games individuals play using a cue. The primary aim of players in any cue-based game is to hit the balls on the table and pot them in any of the holes in the table’s corners. Cue sports are different from one another based on various factors and aspects. Some of the most prominent ones include the type of board used, the size of balls, etc. According to Wikipedia, two of the most popular forms of cue sports include pool and snooker. Both the cue sports forms are prevalent all around the globe, which is why tons of tournaments and official events are held annually to keep the fans entertained.

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Besides watching cue sports events, fans of the sports form also love indulging in online cue sports games with their friends or family to have a more immersive experience. Thankfully, all major platforms, including Android, offer users many cue sports-based games. This article will shed light on some of the most popular cue sports games that Android smartphone users can download and try on their devices. Let us dive right into it:

  • 8 Ball Pool By Miniclip

Regarding the list of the most popular cue sports games, 8 Ball Pool stands at the very top of the list. The top-tier game comes with numerous exciting features that captivate users’ minds. For instance, the game features multiple types of boards and tables, each of which differs in appearance. Besides this, the game also features many exciting tournament modes that allow players to test their pool skills. Moreover, players are rewarded for winning games by earning gold coins, which can purchase new cues and other in-game items. In multiplayer mode, individuals can connect the game with social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter and challenge their friends for 1v1 matches. The best part about 8 Ball Pool is that it is available for free on the Google Play Store as well as the iOS App Store. Hence, any individual who wishes to have an immersive pool experience can conveniently get the job done by installing and playing the game.

  • MPL 8 Ball Pool

Another popular cue sport game that is loved by tons of people is the 8 Ball Pool game featured in the MPL application. The realistic game offers a lifelike experience to players, which is one of the reasons why people prefer playing this game over other similar ones. The game further takes the realistic quotient up a notch by including fouls. The game features a simple and easy-to-use interface paired with top-tier visual elements. To download 8 ball pool, all individuals must navigate to MPL’s official website, enter their number and click on the download link received in the message. Once the app is downloaded, users can start playing 8 Ball Pool after registering on the platform.

  • Billiards Club

Individuals looking for a simple and easy-to-play cue sport game can seriously consider downloading and playing Billiards Club on their Android smartphone. Unlike other games in the category that feature competitive modes and themes, this game offers users a more relaxing and calming experience. Even though the game’s name has the term “Billiards” in it, it uses 8-ball rules. Players in this game aim to hit balls and try to sink each of them into a pocket. Besides featuring cool modes, the game also offers users an offline mode using which they can practice without an Internet connection. The game also features other 9-ball modes, which allow players to change pace. It is the perfect game for individuals who wish to have a simple and relaxing virtual cue sports experience.

  • Pool Billiards Pro

Another simple yet classy cue sport game that offers top-tier gameplay and an immersive experience is Pool Billiards Pro. Like other genres, the game features a top-down perspective, facilitating players to aim precisely and pot balls without hassle. Pool Billiards Pro features 8-ball and 9-ball pool modes and numerous other challenge-based modes. Besides these, the game also offers users the option to play with friends or family members or compete against skilled players from different regions. It is free on the Google Play Store; thus, Android smartphone users can download and play the game to get better at virtual cue sports games.

  • Pool Stars

Most cue sports games feature a top-down perspective, which is great for aiming and potting balls. However, some individuals prefer to have both a 2D and 3D perspective. Pool Stars is one cue sport game that fulfills the criteria of such people. The graphics-intensive game features both perspectives, which significantly benefits players. The list of game modes includes a multiplayer mode, a single-player career mode, a custom challenge mode, etc. A mode in the game that truly stands out is the challenge creation mode. Like all the other cue sports games mentioned in the list, Pool Stars is a free-to-play game readily available on the Google Play Store. Pool Stars checks all the right boxes and thus is a fan-favorite in numerous parts of the globe.

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Playing virtual cue sports games is an excellent way to relax and enhance hand-eye coordination. Individuals looking for a good cue sport game on their smartphone can opt to download any of the aforementioned games as per their requirements.

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